If this were the last night of the world I would spend it with my family. My children, my mom, and my animals. We would make everyones favorite food and deserts. We would laugh and joke. Remembering the happy and fun times. I would cuddle with my children and tell them the story of their birth. How honored I am to be their mother. I would curl up on the couch with my momma and tell her how proud I am that God chose her to be my mother. I would thank her and praise her for always loving me and always staying by my side. Letting her know that having her as a mother was the greatest gift. I would play with my sissy girl and p-diddy. We would play with the laser night and sneak them milk 🙂  We would not mourn the bad times. We would celebrate the good times. We would not be sad because we know we would be reunited in Heaven.