I am in jail, out of meth. I am an alcoholic, wishing I could time travel, cold, very tired. I am a writer, a meth head. I am in my own little hell inside myself.

I feel disgusted, like crying, sick, empathetic. I feel locked up, confused. I feel like they been hurt and clearly not heard. I feel so alone and so overwhelmed. I feel lonely, sad, but content.

I have seen sadness and happiness. I have seen others get hurt. I have seen my way into this place. I have seen so many things I’ll never be the same person I was! I have seen the light.

I need to feel safe, need to be free. I need to focus. I need heat, community, some food. I need some treatment, peace, and forgiveness. I need him to never forget about me. I need him to live! I need a break.