I am afraid of what the world’s shown me I’m afraid of what the men’s face’s torment me in my sleep so many traumatic experiences run there my mind’s eye like a horror movie with no off button.

I’m afriad of what Darkness hides within
I’m afraid of what’s to come of all of this God speaks to each of us as he makes us. Then why did he not speaks to me all the years ago when I laid crying out for him to stop all the pain! I was told I was lucky to be alive But that’s not how I feel I was told not to speak, not to cry, not to make a peep or I’ll never be found! I’m afraid cuz I was told it is ok to be less the something left behind in the lost in found! I’m afraid of what the world has done to me why didn’t Justice give me an amber necklace to ease the pain I’m tired of what I’ve had to swallow.