Well another day in jail. My PO said I was going to be signing my papers for North Star but here it is 3pm and nothing yet. It is getting really frustrating. I woke up to a bunch of arguing today. People pretending. Why can’t people just be real. Why try to be something you are not. You say you are a one man woman but yet you write a bunch of different guys. But they are “just friends” yea sure. You love your son much but yet you got him in jail on a murder charge. What type of mother does that. I would lay down my life for my son. I would never get him involved in the type of life style I was in. I have not been a good person I know this. And I know I have made many mistakes. But I do know I want to change. I know I don’t want to be a hypocrite like these people I am writing about. I want to be my own person. A person who does good. A person who is good.