Why make a person suffer so badly!

for the crime I committed

I received a cashier’s check in the mail.

With my name on it, so I cashed

the check and spent the money.

I paid my bills, I gave money to

my parents. I gave money to

my Son and his young family.

I repaid the money for damages

my eldest son had done.

I bought my daughter some new clothes,

and bought my youngest baby boy

his XBox 1 and some games for his birthday

for myself I bought a few books and some

fine tipped markers.

Didn’t buy drugs, didn’t buy booze!

I bought a few comforts for my family.

Now I sit here writing this down, in jail, suffering

for my freedom.

Only hoping to get to go to the halfway house just to speed up time. So I can finally go home.

Instead of suffering in this cage.

And my family suffering while I’m away!