Dear Myself,

I know you Love to write, writing is one of your favorite hobbies. I always enjoyed reading your Daily Journals of the times you were incarcerated in Fairbanks Correctional Center and the time you were in treatment at Ralph Purdue Center. You always had so much light and positive attitude, inspirational momentum, perseverance in your writing, literatures and scriptures, But…I also noticed that in your letters to friends or family memebers at home, You, your writing turns down a different path, direction from positive atttiude to a more opposite intention. Negative is thriving in your thoughts of close ones you love at home. Why is that? Does forgiveness need to take place? Can that thinking behavior turn itself around? Have you recognized your thinking errors that are placed in your letters of holding a grudge, Not letting bygones be bygones? I have an idea for you that might be able to help you in your personal writings in your letters to the loved ones and friends you write to. Try this…Before writing a solid letter, First write your letter by expressing your feelings to the full extreme. Let it all out, all the Negative feelings, the bad ass you hold yourself to protect your heart. Everything that you want them to know. What is it that is bothering you, write it out, all of it. Even if it is so very harsh, so Negative, so awful, so wicked attitude. Then after that put it down and don’t look at it, Don’t read what you wrote, Just take a Few deep breaths, go for a 5 minute walk and let it out, the tears, the anxiety, the guilt. Then go back to your letter, pick it up, but don’t read it, crumple it up and toss it in the trash as if you are trying to win 2 points for making a basket like the game you played in highschool. Then tell yourself, “It makes sense that I feel this way.” The wait till later in the day to write the real letter that I know you’re so great at for writing is one of your favorite hobbies.


Love always,