Dear A, I am taking this time to write you with a very heavy heart I know how you are & I understand that you do not want me to apologize for anything & the beautiful part of it is that it is not because you don’t want me to admit guilt & it is not because you want me to be jumbled & learn from experiences that bring you to an uncomfortable place it is not even that it seems I’ve somehow managed to get my son (your nephew) into a seemingly mountain Jeep of trouble, managed to rip our family apart breaking every single heart along the way, shattering dreams not stickin to promises that I’ve made to my 4 Beautiful. Perfect. Wonderful children & you (my brother) and our Pops even. So I guess what I am trying to say is you have truly taught me how to Love myself, everything about being unconditionally being Loved by your family & how you can only give Love SISTER you do not give Love to expect it back it happens naturally with no effort. Family Love is the strongest Love & I Love my family with all of my heart & soul. Thank you for accepting me for who I am always & Loving me & my offspring unconditionally.


your sister & best friend