My son. He’s a sculptor and he says he took up knitting because it’s the only form of sculpture that’s socially acceptable to do in a meeting. He’s also a teacher, so he goes to a lot of meetings. He’s been working on a hat for a couple of weeks, whenever he gets a chance. He knew he was using yarn that my mother, his grandmother, had spun. She died last year at 100. Last night he finished the hat, but when I asked &a he put it on to show me, it was way too small. Maybe it’ll fit you, Mom, he said. and it did. But then he didn’t have a hat with his grandma’s yarn. I dug around in my huts and found one my mom had both spun &a knit, one I never wore because it was itchy and too big. I also had a smaller one fit me, but itched too. So I gave him the big one & his wife who didn’t mind the itch the small one. Now we have shared my mother all around.

One reason it was Small is that he’d knit a soft alpaca lining into it.

He’s not sensitive to wool itching so he loved it.