You! hehe LOL. Just for fun


Your 49th removed and look how far you’ve come

from wearing baby diapers and sucking on your thumb

to filling string bikinis and going on first dates

to kids and jobs and all the things that came across your plate


now look in the mirror at what your eyes can see

just look a little lower from where things use to be

now take that god damn mirror and hang it overhead

and take off your clothes and lie down on the bed


now that what you remember all things are back in place

firm and smooth and perky, oh yea, your happy place

the vertical world is for clothing, to hell with gravity

in bed is where it matters we look great horizontally.


so don’t you let those years gone by play on your heart

those are miles of experience to put on your fresh start

and that mirror in the bathroom? Well when things really get hot

something to consider, you might want to be on top. LOL.

Don’t take it personal babe

you still look great

it is funny though!

Love ya!

Happy B-Day!