People who believe an injustice can only be right when a person is made to pay for their harm caused. They think forgiveness is a sub for justice. People who live in this world will always line with their consequences of their actions, big or small. In 2006, BBC aired a documentary seriesĀ Facing the Truth. I had brought victims and perps with violent crimes together. The perps had already completed their prison time they were convicted for their crimes. They only came to ask and receive forgiveness from the people. After years hiding their behavior, they had to stand up in a public place to tell the truth. Justice was not sub in their hearts; many victims and their families needed to know the truth. After “justice” is served, people find it hard to move on. Forgiveness is the only way out that the injury creates. Forgiveness is not forgetting harm. Forgiveness is not denying harm. Forgiveness is not pretending harm didn’t happen or that the injury was not really bad. It is very quite the opposite. Cycle of forgiveness can only happen with honesty and truth.