What happened to the ACLU in Alaska? A friend of mine recently showed me an article in the paper about a human rights group in Juneau who has no director. Fairbanks has the worst criminal justice system in the state of Alaska, I am sure of it. It is more like a tyranny than a solution. Destroying many peoples’ entire lives that have never even been incarcerated. I personally have been falsely arrested in Fairbanks 3 times, this being the third. The courts and OCS are breaking federal laws on a continual basis, maybe even daily. I have often wondered who can help since I moved here in ****. Tammy Wilson made an attempt to challenge the courts here and hold them accountable for the federal laws they’re breaking in support of OCS. The District Attorneys made all the evidence disappear and all the people in “power” threatened to throw her out of office for talking about our weather. We just need someone to help. Our civil rights are being desecrated. Us who have been dealt a hand of poverty in life, who live in Fairbanks have no chance or choice, once becoming involved with the government here. Our children dehumanized, kidnapped, and devalued. Alaska would benefit tremendously from re-establishing the ACLU up here, and we need someone to enforce justice for our kids so that they do not become victims of a corrupt system who makes criminals out of people who have made more mistakes. People who are poor and grieving, who have no voice. Victims of poverty and injustice, who can we call? How can we become safe?