I am having a tough time being in jail. I am here and not guilty, the program I am in can sentence me to time in jail with no positive proof of my guilt. I have charges for a crime that I cannot be found guilty of; even if the charges are withdrawn, I will still have to serve 30 days in jail. The program did not disclose the fact that anyone can point a finger at me and, guilty or not, I will be sent to jail. I think the judges are biased and should not have been appointed in this case. The troopers [sic] report will be thrown out by the audio discovery. The report is a stack of false information. This has damaged my college education and my mental health. I am also angry as hell.

Some of the inmates are working on my last nerve and I am trying not to react and pick up an assault charge.

-Anon, Entered 4/11/2019