I would like you to know that what you are doing is unethical because it puts a lot of people in a position to do crimes, yes we have choices but it seems like your taking them all from us. The things you are saying are just rude and will provoke the people who are not just yet homeless because soon with all the cuts there won’t be anywhere for people to rent because there’s no jobs. It feels like a concentration camp. I know I had choices and made the wrong ones, But people who can’t make choices like the babies and small children; it’s not okay to make these kind of decisions. Education, Health Care, what happens to the people with terminal diseases: Cancer, Aids, public assistance, the Environment, pollution, what happens with all that public assistance? Homeless, yes choices, but limited. We need education to live. Being dumb gets us jail. Three meals and a cot, Public Safety, Rape Victims…what happens? Where do we get to protect ourselves–what, kill each other, so that the rich can live happily ever after? The permanent fund; it’s not his to do as he pleases also the way things are going, everyone will be in prison or dead.