No one respects.

Liars, tweekers, or the likes of them, or jail birds, because everyone has an opinion about something. Either they like it or it’s just all bad, black or white no in between. I’m thinking about situations that happen and it’s the same but 2 different reactions or consequences for each one of them, taking from the needy and given it to the rich, that’s ok but when someone steals and give it to the poor it’s a crime. Consequences = jail, but authority makes many excuses why it’s ok to do. Equal everyone should be but not so that’s another part or reason why I don’t believe that Alaska has justice. It’s guilty until proven guilty. Sounds crazy but it’s the truth as I know it. Also they complain about the addicts and how they are ruining the capital with property crimes, stealing, and violence. What are we going to do about it. Take everything away. What happens next? It’s like beginning a concentration camp. With all the people in one area. To be executed for their wrongs but praised for what the authority figures do or are doing?