July 1, 2019

Sitting here in creative writing and I always look forward to it. So exciting. I love how the women who lead it are so kind and inviting to us.

Here, a name that I go by that you can call me is Anastasia. Something you will learn about me is I’m always super nice until you’re rude to me over some shit that ain’t right. I’ll walk away cause to me it’s really not worth getting in trouble to fight over nothin’. Another thing about me is I’m loyal, honest and upfront. If you’re a bitch to me I’ll be a cunt, cause some people push me to not givin’ a fuck when push comes to shove, I won’t fall. I’ll still be standing up like what!

So many feelings bottled up! That’s why I love to write or rap, and yeah, I fucked up again and ended up back in the trap.

So for now until everything gets figured out I’ll be here for now, behind concrete and steel, workin’ on fixin’ myself for real and you already know the deal… so until next time won’t no one put out my light. Best believe I’m gonna shine cause God gave me this light and it’s shining!