#1. Attend classes at FCC and at the Literacy Council.

#2. Focus on the work and sobriety.

#3. Finish with a certificate – not fail without a certificate.

#4. Employment while education.

I sobered up for 6 months and attended classes at the literacy council – the most proudest time I’ve had in years. The perfect person made sure I went to every class.

I’m going to stay sober after being released, just to focus on what I need to do. I want so much and now’s my chance to forget what other people want. 

For so many years I’ve lost, wasted on nonsense. Procrastinating was always what I was good at with the man I thought I loved. Now I have a chance to be what I want to become – what I’m good at. And when I  I’m here it’s hair, so finish this to go there.      Cosmetology!


One Love