My short term goal is to get into wellness court and have my bail hearing. My goal is to connect with sober people, change my “circle” (so to speak) and have a positive group of people I talk to, hang out with and lean on. I need to learn how to function sober instead of being a functioning alcoholic.

Once I get out my goal is to complete my bachelor’s degree by the time I complete wellness court. Long term my goal is to work with abused / addicted / mentally ill young adults, like a social worker almost but more on the side of how to change things, and help move that persons life in a positive direction while still young.

It’s surprising how much of a difference having just one person believing in you in your corner, encouraging you, and believing in you can make. Also to have someone who has been in similar situations and hasn’t always been the most outstanding citizen, but also changed their outlook and then completed school / education can help as well.