Basketball in my family is like life! From my baby brother Orion showing us how to shoot while sitting in his high chair at the dinner table between each bite,    OR

My baby sister playing on the all Native girls Jr. NBA basketball team,    OR

My brother under me team captain of Team Alaska in the Arctic Winter Games winning first place, the Gold  & MVP of the whole tourney.

Then there’s me who played comp, city league and varsity basketball in high school.

My parents are both basketball coaches, but they also coached us and supported us in any sport we played – hockey, softball, track, volleyball, dog mushing.

My family owns 40 dogs, my mom works at the gym at TCC. We never had cable TV or even really used the TV.

My grandparents still dog mush. Being active is a huge thing in my family. We all play sports together. Its a great way to deal with built up frustration or anger we might have. 7 people living under 1 roof. Some people wonder how we all got along so good considering 3 girls are in high school. I’m in jail, my brothers now running around, my moms always so busy… But somehow sports is the thing that we all have in common and will always pull us together.