My dearest friend,

I know we’ve been going through hell our whole lives, and when you left for 13 years I was alone and scared. I didn’t know where you were or if you were ok. No call, no letter, no word.

Then one fall day you reappeared and you were somewhat different – just much older and mature. And when our eyes met we didn’t know what to say. I guess in some relationships they often go south. Some never work out. And when we first hung out reality set in. You in front of me with that look, with those eyes I’ll never forget. The love we once had the day you drove away back then and sitting across from me saying, “damn, it’s actually been 13 years. And who knows when we’ll see each other again.” I often wonder how I will get to hold that one night, that first night I stalked the night. These white cement brick walls that are so close but yet so far. My heart saddens when I think of you my dearest friend.

One Love