I can remember a time when I about 10-years-old – a latchkey child, curious and wanting to take on more responsibility.

I had just learned how to make pancakes on this stand-alone griddle. My parents away at work, I decided I wanted to make myself some pancakes. I started with the batter, me eyeballing my measurements, too stubborn to measure out neatly. I ended up making too much batter to feed only myself, and my boredom sought to use it all up.

I kept making pancakes, pretty decent sized cause that’s the way my father would’ve and I was so inspired by that man. Then, I began getting bored as I usually when I don’t change things up periodically. So to just try to get rid of my batter I start to make bigger and bigger pancakes – so big that eventually and accidentally I covered the whole dang griddle. My only thought – how in the world am I going to flip this? Luckily, just in time, my mother gets home and does a magnificent assist to flip my pancake and I couldn’t help but HAVE to consume that one specific pancake I thought was so magnificent and boy did it live up to my expectation…. And mom made me promise not to make one so big or so many again 😉 ’til I grow up and have a kid of my own.

– Yo Ma