I feel “seen” every Sunday when my family comes to visit me. It started out just being my grandma and me (as usual).Then my mom caught wind of our phenomenal time together and asked if she could join us (as if it’s some elite group, haha ;-)) and she started tagging along, which has been amazing – And now, 5 months later, I get to looking forward to seeing my little brother – not so little anymore at 27 – my favorite brother, as he is certain.

I love that it is the only hour I look forward to of the 168 in a week. The most awesome part is that they have taken time out of their separate busy schedules to come and give me that much needed hug. We laugh the entire hour – so hard my tummy hurts after. My brother doesn’t let go until the guards make him. That is when I feel seen.

Smokey Bear