What he looks like

His white face

his big nose

his gray teeth

his tall skinny body

his blond hair

his long face


Where we spent time together

the fishing trips up north

camping trips in tents

us being attacked by mosquitoes

out far, miles into the forever seas to fish

all the great outdoors we spent together

Just me and him

my best friend

the stink smell of his mustache, that poked me

when he gave me a kiss

the way he thought he was badass when he

came back from karate class.

Watching NFL games together

eating at Pike’s landing with his old friends

Watching him drink beer while I drank pop

Watching Goldpanners play and eating popcorn together

I love him so much. I hate him for leaving me here in AK.

I miss him, will he call for me to come to him, so

we can be reunited again? I’m his lil girl. Does he

think the same as to me as I do to him.


my daddy.