Dear Community,
I just want to thank all of you who had written letters to use about our food and nutrition.
It’s actually nice to hear a variety of different stories. I found it very informative. I remember back to when I was in elementary school. I remember all the kids standing in line to get their school lunches. It was like an assembly line. Kids grabbed the tray. Picked up their silverware, put it on the tray, and the workers put the food on the tray. I was one of the lucky ones I always brought my lunch. My mom always packed me a nutritious lunch. My mom always taught me to be grateful for what I had. Even if it was institutional food. Because many people are not lucky enough to have any food.
Well I find myself stuck in a situation to where I have not option but to eat the food. See I am here in jail in Fairbanks and well sometimes the food is not the best food. Lots of preservatives and things that make us think we are full. But hey at least we get three meals a day. I could have none. Because there are plenty of people who have no food.
But believe it or not our food has improved. We are given fresh fruit and veggies. We use to not have fresh items. And hey actually some of our desserts are on point. There are some institutions that don’t even serve desserts. And thankfully we have never had nutraloaf. Many facilities have it on a daily basis. Yuck. Does anyone even know what is in nutraloaf? So gratefully we are in a facility that does its best to provide us with a diverse menu. The food may not taste the best but it could be worse. lol no time like the present for a diet.