What the hell were you thinking?
Was your cheap thrill worth that poor girl’s broken heart?
How did that goat’s blood feel on your hands?
I bet as soon as you felt him go limp as his warm blood
trickled down your arms — and you saw life turn to death — you paled with fear and regret.
All of those scary happenings that take place on Halloween
night are not a happy sight.
Can you honestly say that you had fun?
Your rapidly beating heart and lack of response speaks for itself
Raise money. But another goat. Do you think that makes things better?
Will that erase those gruesome images of that dark Halloween night
from your mind?
You all thought you were clever in your devious plans
When all you proven to be were weak, easy prey.
The devil’s pawns, his little pieces in his game.
You acted on his behalf, for the promises of laughter
But instead were riddled with guilt and confusion
scared by the knowledge of all you are capable of
Are you still having fun?
How does it feel to finally realize your thoughts are not your own?

*After Brigit Pegeen Kelly’s “Song”