I once was in this class I favored more than most,
I once never had the skills to write creative from thoughts.
This past year was like being in the past during school days,
I’ve learned so much inside, behind these white brick walls.
The time I’ve spared was a trade for all kinds of knowledge
and skills.
Most of us in Yellows think they sit here burning time, wasting
precious time, their think, thoughts, present is all of waste.
I don’t think that way, Not at all. I learned more than
I would if I was on the outs, Thats the Truth.
I’ve realized I traded my time to learn lessons of
the word and truth, 202 days I gave to gain.
I took a break, like summer vacation, Now I’m
back for more lessons and learnings. I’ll never forget
the time I gave to gain the skills I so much remember.
So much lessons I can’t fit on one sheet of paper.