We are the voices that cry out
for help. We want to be heard.
We are look for life a home
love and family.

We are lost and in pain in so many
ways. We’re all in our own little
hells lost to the outside world.

We are the voices that are
hiding in the shadows of the many
walls of an FCC cell.

We are the ones that the law
has come for when there are so many
still out there that should be behind
these walls.

We are the few and too many
That’s lives have been stolen.
Our freedom is not our own to
take by the hand.

We are the voices of the people
that the laws are now all wrong
and corrupted and they wonder why
we can’t be good when the law’s men
don’t follow their own laws and
make up new ones to keep us
from our chance to change, our
time to be new, voices to be
heard, we want to be good
we want to be heard.