In response to Joe Woodward’s editorial on finding solutions to address the neccisity of security in our nation’s public schools, we would like to point out the a scene of a policy of mental health evaluation of students, that would begin at the onset of their educational careers. The addition of policies such as these would enhance the approaches he has made, as well as open up other avenues in an all out assault on violence against our children within these institutions as a whole. We all know the what. It is the why that must be examined in detail before any progress will be made. Why would someone want to harm, even kill another person or people, in settings such as these? What drives these people to the extremes they take? What are the signs that indicate an individual is contemplating actions such as these? These questions and more must also be a part of the conversation to end violence in our nation’s public schools. Guns to fight guns. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The mental stability of our children and teachers are teeth in the mouth of these institutions, therefore, part of the solution.

-Women Writing Workshop at Fairbanks Correctional Center