I have had to live these three past years many, many times. I have seen things you couldn’t imagine. So yes, you are going to listen to what I have to say. Understand?

Man: “Be sure to eat everything on your tray. Or else you’ll starve”

Woman: “I’ll starve! What do you mean, I thought they’ll feed us”

Man: “Always stand your ground. Don’t give up with out a fight- or you become somebody’s bitch”

Woman: “You mean like, the stuff I see on TV is really real?!?”

Man: “Yes, but even worse. Men rape men. They will just take it if they want. In your case- maybe some big Dyke lookin brod is buyin yo ass with yesterdays dessert and you don’t even know it till its happenen!”

Woman: “Baby. I’m scared I don’t think I can do this time I’ll die behind these walls”

Man: “You got this, you’ll come out a stronger woman, just keep in mind what I’ve said”