Bitches be hating still- so much Fun- It’s funny how different people are in jail- We are all somewhere that we don’t want to be- Clearly none of us are having a good time per say.

And yet still they can’t seem to keep my name out of their mouths since when did I become so famous- I’m trying so hard not to get stuck on it + obsess over it but damn ladies- Have you really nothing better to do with your time than to talk shit about me all day. Stupid to land yourself in Jail yes we all got that in common for sure.

They say that generally draws people closer having a common denominator but in this case it only creates enemys. I don’t have much patience left. I fear I may snap. I’ll hold myself together just so I don’t get additional time- so totally not worth it.

I miss my family- I want to be with my children + my man. WTF is happening to Fairbanks it’s so bad out there now for real. Thank you to Voices Uncaged. We do appreciate you + Love the Spirit.