Discipling our kids always a mate that would challenge my stlye of discipling my kids. I suppose that’s the problem with having a boyfriend beyond being their father. Makes it difficult to deal with.


How do people experience things like I do?

How do they handle it?

Am I still connected enough?

Public Speaking Fear/embarrassment

To feel Grounded with the earth

Q: Why are you here?

A: I want to break free of my chains binding me by fear, anticipation, and possible be uncomfortable briefly (much like court)

Q: What would you need to change about yourself to move your wish come true?

A: Be brave- seek out new things- Do not let fear conquer me

Q: Are you willing to make the change necessary

A: Yes

More Manageable Steps: Little by Little

Q: How does this class fit into your story

A: Compassion someone said- excitement someone also said- I feel like by having the visitor it is good for all parties involved- I am humbled to be in Jail

A: My favorite movie is indeed The Princess Bride- I have made the dark woods my home.

Big Mama Bear