by Women Writers of Alaska

Now I Am

Not so distant future, beholds the light I lied and defended

Throughout the past half decade, within everything fed to me

the world was wasted

In a world of my own 🎵

Nonsense, psychotic, confused, addicted, deranged xxx

Imposing on lives, my defeat seemed practical. Working and weaving.

My whole of what I am

Newly emerging. I am more. I fix,

What it is to be ill I concluded is what I had hid

Light to me means so many things, but long ago

I kept the very last one that angered everyone

It felt to me they thought of me as just a throw away

Now I get to show them why the road has been so rocky

and why it was their own fault

Because the light inside me

They wanted to extinguish, is the strongest of all

I can fly.

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