Uncharted Waters

It was the slimmest of chance that the two of us met

what brought us together we can never forget

the ride that ensures we both must endure

how the hell did this happen? I’m not really sure.


Indoctrination to jail…it all seems so surreal

she smiled when we passed… was there something? Get real!

But we pass through the halls all throughout the next year

Jesus! Are you crazy, just think about why you’re here!


She’s hot and she’s sexy with beautiful eyes

I’m imprisoned and horny, geez there’s a surprise.

No really, I sense there’s more with this soul

we have something in common besides what we know.


I’ll write her a letter and hope she responds.

She seems to be literate, at least she’s not blonde!

Correspondence! Allright.. now we’re getting somewhere

She’s funny and sharp and hates facial hair!


What the hell, I’ll just shave and then… she will know

Yea! I’m wrapped around her finger… oh boy there you go!

It’s too late, I’ve opened the door I can’t close.

She’ll chew you up! Do you think? I suppose!


The months go by as the words start to flow.

The feelings are growing, oh god, here we go!

The adjectives flow like sea water abound

Thank god we’re on land or we’d both probably drown.


She says the right things in just the right way

Holy Crap, I’m writing her parents today!

I proposed… she accepted… we’ve completely gone mad.

Holy Christ, she’s still married, I told her mom and dad!


I remember the day when I kissed these soft lips.

And I wanted badly to grab ahold of these hips.

Sometimes not having is imagination’s desert.

And we both know that she’s one hell of a flirt.


I honestly love her and I’m sure that she know.

But this ride is just starting, we have so far to go.

Are we out of our minds, Christ look where we are.

Ok maybe we have gone a little too far!


The letters keep coming, the bond with us grows.

And we’ve had our moments good god only knows.

As I start my next chapter and hers still awaits,

I’ve made a dear friend, as did she, we are mates.


I love her as much as anyone that I know.

My sweet southern bell with a Carolina glow.

Sure, she’s hard headed and cocky and such

and claims to be good at something else just as much.


We will see about that if the chance does accure

Talk is cheap baby actions speak louder than words

just kidding, I have no doubt that you can deliver

and I too have something I’d like to give her!


Who knows, maybe someday that day will arrive.

I’m just thrilled that I met her and we’re both still alive.

Yes that girl with the beautiful ass is my friend

and whatever may happen she will be to the end.


You’ll always be my girl even if not in that way

but I’ll always be greatfull and hope for that day

and if that day ever comes and there is ever that time!

Then give your soul to god because your ass is mine! LOL


And never forget me my beautiful friend, stay in touch always

and so will I.

You’ll always be in my heart, and if I have nothing to say

I can still say Hi 🙂 and I love you M*.

If this doesn’t make you smile

your lying! Lol

lying! LOL

Lying, LOL!

Hey babe,

well…? I thought it was funny and sooooo true.

Hope you enjoyed it, love you M*.


Ha ha ha

One of these days.