After Deborah Miranda and Emily Dickinson

I’d always heard the “saying” — “it’s a man’s world” — it was not until I came to prison did I understand. Although men and women both exist and should be equals — we are only equal in the sense that we each have a role — which is superior and inferior. I have never looked at the opposite sex as weaker, lower in any form or incapable but coming here I learned that the reality of the world is that women are the weaker, less intelligent, less deserving population. Here to serve. That is our purpose. I was raised in a home with a single mother who I considered a super hero and because of her, I firmly believe there is nothing I am incapable of doing. I have a deep set sense of independence and I do not live in a man’s world. Coming here has been the hardest on me realizing that the box I have to fit in is not a cell, but that of inferior to my superiors. It’s a silent fight but spoken loudly when you see the roster for classes, jobs, wages, housing, movements & I never understood what they meant until I came here. So I guess all this time I’ve been learning or told in slant.