after Carrie Fountain’s “First”

I want everything I admit, I want yes of course and I want it all the time, to be understood, to be loved, and happy I don’t want to except any excuses, I want freedom, I want justice and peace of mind, I want to be a part of my kid’s life today — and every day what else could I want in this life? What does everything consist of, why is this a difficult task. Because it’s only wishful thinking no one has everything except for our god, also if we want for nothing what’s the point of the word struggle or hard work? Sometimes it feels good to be exhausted it means to me as if I got something done not expecting anything to just be given or handed to me. I don’t like the rain or things of the such my hair gets wet my cloethes gets too heavy, my day starts to feel sour because of these things but it feels good to want everything it makes us work harder.