I sit here patiently waiting for my court date to come. Pray and hoping that when that day finally comes. It’ll be finally my time to go. Here I sit patiently waiting.

I sit patiently waiting and hoping that today maybe today he will come and visit me, sitting and wondering why it’s been over a month since he last came. I sit waiting day-in and day-out. I suddenly jolted awake. I swear I hear his voice saying my name. Knowing it can’t be because of where I reside. I sit patiently waiting every time I hear the buzzer I run outside to see if he is at the gate waiting to be let in to finally come see me. To only be disappointed to see that it is not a visitor for me. I try to calm myself from teh built up anger and emotions I’m getting because all i really just want is to see his face and hear his voice say, “Hi babe, I love you.” Here I sit patiently waiting for him. I tell myself only x amount fo time till you’re out and you will have all the time you want with him. To see his smile, hear his voice, to hold him and to love him. Thinking all this is what I was patiently waiting for. The day to finally come to be by him. Knowing that I’m over doing and pulling dumb things so I’m never away from him this long again. Here I sit patiently waiting to be by him for once and all.