On my 15th birthday my mother was making me a cake and asked me to buy some bananas on the way to the mall. My dad gave me $5 and told me to buy screws for the toilet seat at  Sears. Me and a couple of friends were walking to the mall and he said I could keep the change.

Instead of going to the mall we stopped by the housing project and bought a nickel bag. Then we proceeded to the mall and shoplifted some make-up testers at Clinique and Estee Lauder. Sears was out of toilet screws.

On the way back, we went into the grocery store, Harris Teeter, to steal the bananas. We stuffed them in our pants and proceeded out the door and on our way back home. Then a motorcycle pulled up and the manager, one of my my friend’s older brother, told us to empty our pants off the bananas. On the way back to the store I hid the nickel bag of marijuana under a blue mailbox. They called my parents who picked me up and drove me home. My mother promptly threw the cake in the garbage. Later on, one of my friends retrieved the nickel bag from under the mailbox. It was oregano mixed with peanut butter.