There’s a lot more to me than meets the eye. It’s going to take more that just a piece of paper trying to decide.  Not sure where this is going but I’m always down to ride.  Sometimes new things give me anxiety but I’m always willing to try. Sorry if it seems like I’m not paying attention I’ve just got so much on my mind.

Not knowing what I’m doing wrong so I always put up a fight. I’m just glad spiritually I’ve always had my sight. So do what you want with this letter – it’s whatever you decide. I’m not even tryin’ to be right or be the one you choose. It’s whatever fate decides. When the truth is in front of you there’s no denying all the liars will be sitting there sighing. It’s whatever tho. I’m not here trying to put on a show, it’s my life tho and I’m ready to go.

Whether its fast or slow you already know it’s outta my control. So it’s in God’s hands. This is more than a given, only by his spirit I’m driven.