I am from tree houses and tree swings.

I am from claw basin bathtubs.

I am from box fans in the windows to stay cool at night.

I am from videotaping childhood fights to double-dutching to too short.

I am from going to church every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to singing in the praise team every first Sunday.

I am from watching soaps with Granny in the summertime to going to vacation bible school.

I am from taking care of my brother at 8 to catching the bus to school so that I’m not too late.

I am from being a flower girl in every aunty’s wedding.

I am from being afraid of heights but loving tower of terror.

I am from a family of incest, molestation to a grown women who is neither nice nor mean.

My granny taught me well so my head don’t swell. I am from a family that if you snitch you get beat with a switch.

I am from a town of college parades, from a family that dance in the street – we all be barefeet.