My daughter got back to Fairbanks. I am so excited! It’s really quite nice to have her back near me. Although there is quite a bit of turmoil to work out it is such a beautiful thing to have loved ones care about you and visa versa. I am also excited about seeing them make their way into adulthood (or at least hearing about it). I couldn’t be prouder of my children. They are such beautiful amazing loving creatures and are always thinking of others before themselves. I learn so much from my children.

Switching gears: The dog program ended and the new yoga teacher training college course is taking off and I really love it. I do believe I’m changing for the better in so many ways.

I cannot believe how cold it looks outside already.. There are like no leaves on the tress. Holy crap the summer is actually over and I hardly got to go outside. No complaints, though at least they were not fixing a fence all summer long so I did get a bit of outside therapy. I can’t wait to go outside and breath some fresh air.

Big Mama Bear