Shackles of chains screeching against the floor – I got this!

An attorney who never sees me – I got this!

Sleepless nights and early mornings – I got this!

Yellow clothing EVERYDAY – I got this!

Worst of all, not being there for my daughter’s first birthday, And Yet – I’ve still got this!

It’s a never-ending battle with yourself behind these bars. Emotionally you’re fighting a person to whom you never seem to come to an agreement with. Yourself.  Fighting your demons every minute of every hour. All while physically trying to stand tall. In a place where weakness does not lay. And yet, I tell myself, I got this! Not because I want to , but because I have to. 

So remain standing tall, lift that chin up, wipe those tears away and puff out that chest a little. But remain HUMBLE, because you got this!