It’s been a cold fall day. Most of it I spent outside, enjoying the last few weeks before the snow falls… I must have been around eight-years-old… running through the woods around the corner of the house, picking as much unique leaves as I could find… I remember running home with my jewelry box full of leaves and no jewelry. The sun was hidden behind the grey clouds, the cold wind was blowing and all I had to keep warm was a sweater and nylon gloves. I stopped on the porch to catch my breath before gong inside because mother never likes us running inside while she was cooking. As I took a deep breath in I breathed in one of y favorite scents… the smell of fresh goose soup soup boiling and biscuits in the oven finishing up. The anticipation has begun. I have 15 minutes to undress, put my jewelry box away before my mother calls”Dinner is done.”  I race to the wooden table and sit down as my little sister stumbles to her high chair. My brothers and father come in. I take the first slurp after the prayer. Enjoying the greasy, well spiced, hot goose soup. It warms my cold hands. I grab one biscuit, cutting it into 1/2 and spreading butter on it. The butter melts instantly and I dunk the biscuit in the soup. Yum. Two bowls down and now I’m ready to organize my new dead leaf collection. Man – Mama always knows how!

What warmed your body on  cold fall day and not only filled your belly but your heart?

Gwitch’in Starr