For me comfort food is like the smelling of my old home. Although I don’t eat it often I would love to turn time back for just a few days sometime and enjoy those tastes of a wonderful homemade dish form home, like mole or tacos and eat with my mother. The joy that it was to make it is what i miss. The house felt joyful as we sat down to eat and share stories that happened during the day. I will never forget the smell of home or homemade tortillas. I can literally smell them a thousand miles away. I look forward to one day having my children feel the same way about real Mexican food. All of my kids are already in love with it. My sweet baby girl every time we are in Mexico all she wants to do is eat tamales!! And not one, but a whole dozen by herself and she don’t share with  me or no one!

If you could turn back time what smell would it take you to?