Remembering fair memories in jail kind of sucks, but helps me to remember to enjoy every memory with family and friends. And mostly to be thankful for them.

Last year my mom, sister, brother and sister in law spent it together. With my nephew and niece. My niece and nephew loved the fair, they went on a lot of rides and gotten a lot of toys. It was cool to spend time with them and see them having the fun I used to have when I was a kid.

Man, I really wanted, well I was going to, take my mom to the fair. If my sister’s car couldn’t go down the highway my mom’s truck would, to pick up our niece and take her to the fair. I really hope we got out during the Fairbanks fair time. Thinking about the fair just makes me sad. I’m not so sunny anymore.. But make the best of things, right. Always smile with the bad. 🙂

One thing that makes me smile and laugh is when I took my dad on the hammer ride. Lol! Scared the heck out of him. Thinking of it today kinda scares me lol, but we made that memory.

Also, last year my mom and older brother went on the sling shot. Cripes that was nuts. Lol I got it on video camera too.

My mom was 56 and my dad was 56 too, at time, which is why it was crazy when they went on the rides. Lol! my dad was kinda mad lol


I miss

seeing friends and family!!!!

smelling good food all over!

tasting the kettlecorn popcorn!!

touching everything!

hearing the crowd of joy.