When I was asked to write down any memories I had of the fair. The first thing I remembered off the top of my head was when my late father would take my entire family. Even though we didn’t have much, he would always make it happen every year. We would seperate after we got our ticket’s under one condition. That we all meet at the photo booth at eight o’clock or eleven sharp for a family picture, or else he would hunt us down.

Another cherished memory was just recent when I got to go with my feince and oldest daughter. My fience whom was my boyfriend at the time took us to basically all the food vendors which was new to me. When we were eating at a Chinese vender I was looking at the crowed to see if I knew anyone walking by. As I was going to scoop my fork down for another bite I seen something shiny in my perfule vision. When I looked down, it was an engagement ring and I looked up to see my boyfriend smiling the biggest smile I seen yet.