I apologize for your rudeness. You don’t like me – I apologize. You like staring at me take a picture. It lasts longer – I apologize.

I apologize. You think you’re better than all of us. Last time I checked we were all in yellow. I apologize. You think I’m rude, well thanks. I accept my apology. I did not come here willingly – I apologize. I hate it here just as much as the next person – I apologize.

To be a bad person when I should have just let it go and let that person deal with it – I apologize. I’m sorry – and I apologize. I apologize. It’s like I’m next to be cut out of the click. Wow! how not cool – I apologize. Grow up and stop having someone do dirty work for you. Apologize.

TV and fan please die – apologize

The hate that’s given – I apologize.

I’m not good with conflict but I can write -and apologize.