My handsome husband – so proud of him when his graduating class walked by in San Diego at MCRD. Dress blues. Looking so serious. I was so honored he chose me. We were blessed to be stationed in California at Camp Pendelton. That’s where my sister and her husband were stationed. I considered myself lucky until I found out just how much my husband would be gone. Until I found out how dangerous his job was.

And then the unthinkable happened. September 11. We all remember that day. He and his unit were called up before the dust even settled. ECHO company had been together since bootcamp. Through SOI. It was Lt. Gannon’s first command. They were like a family and I loved a lot of these men like brothers. When 2/1 hit Fallujah we lost 2/3 of our unit. Lt. Gannon being one of them. I was one of the lucky ones… mine survived but he has never come back from his loss. We lost a family but I can tell you this. I have never been more proud of my husband and friends for serving this country.

Chicken Big