A Christmas Story. Thinking about this brings a knot to my throat. But more happiness to my heart. Every December. No exact date. Because the movie “A Christmas Movie” was played every night in my home.

Every night after dinner. Once my father’s tools were put away, my mother’s daily motherly chores were done, my older brother getting back from the Eagles Team Basketball game. After homework is done. A bowl of popcorn made. Wait – scratch that. Two, three bowls of popcorn made. We always loved popcorn.

My father always made sure we were all together. As One. A Family. How holidays have changed since he was called back home. But my promise to you dad. I’ll get us back together. Once I get out. All sitting together. A bowl of popcorn for everyone of us. Including your grandchildren. As One. A Unity. A Family.

Maybe this generation I’ll make sure my daughters don’t copycat the movie and stick their tongues to a frozen poll. Just like I did during this movie.

Gwitch’in Starr