Even though my childhood was a little rough, it’s all good because it made me tough. I actually am very grateful for almost everything in my growing up because every part made me who I am today. Quite often my brother and my father would do incredible acts of strength and agility that would surprise me out of the blue! For example, my dad even with his back thrown out, he would put on that back brace and go out and chop firewood and stack it up, even in mass amounts of pain. Hauling and splitting, real strenuous work for a man his age.

My brother would always impress me with saving my life. Time and time again, if only I had listened to my brother or my father or my own kids – Then I wouldn’t be here at FCC right now.

My family members love me so much & always wanted the Best for me. How could I be so blind? I love my family so much!


~ Big Mama Bear