I miss you so much all I can do is wonder where you are, if you are ok, if you miss me at all, if you ever really loved me. I just want to see your face, hear your voice, feel y our arms around me.

Why? That all I want is to know. Why we can’t be happy. Why did we destroy each other? Why do I miss you? So much why you can’t love me for me. Why I pushed you away when I found out I got sick. Why I lose everything I love? Why am I still here? Why the pain won’t go away, why the memories won’t stop, why the flashbacks keep coming, why can’t anyone answer me, why can’t he love me for me? Why can’t my mother be a mother to me?

I hope he is happy, I hope she will be at peace once I”m out of the picture. Goodbye. Never again will I love like that… never again.

Krazy Krissy