My risks that I took were my tattoos. Three of them are all DIY with supplies and having the risk of who is going to do them. Beforehand I thought of what to get. Then, sobering up was hard, I took the risk of drinking on two, the ink bled out. So that was a heads up I needed to be sober from booze. I took the risk for my identity of who I am.

My rose is for my late father. His name is Roosevelt, aka Rosie. My OO ring tattoo is my kid’s fathers’ initials that turned into 3 of my kid’s initials, all together, that now almost looks like an infinity sign. I know I’ll have unconditional love for and from my family.

My chin tattoo is for my late grandmother Susie. She had sewn it in a caribou Eskimo mask, that she brought from Inuvik Canada. My risks have been successful in my eyes that need to be darkened.